New Days of Recognition for the Three Political Theories

Three new days of recognition, minor Sandum holidays held for specific events or policies, have been added to the calendar for the three political theories of LiberaRealism, and Philia. The three holidays have been decided as major days of importance in the development of Sandum politics and policies.

13 February — Realism Day
On 13 February 2012, in order to commemorate the first anniversary of Sandus’s secession from St.Charlie, the Sôgmô published the Fire of the Central Hearth, the first treatise which resulted in the development of Sandum Realism. The day was already on the Sagamorial calendar to commemorate the beginning of the policy which stresses professionalism and seriousness.

17 June — Libera Day
Equidistant from 27 May and 7 July 2010, Libera Day will be celebrated on 17 June to commemorate the development of Sandus’s Libera policy. Libera strives for self-determination, self-reliance, and self-defence of Sandum independence. Both days were chosen because they date from the indefinitive development of Libera during the Great Ideological Conflict of 2010, and both 27 May and 7 July reflect the height of the diplomatic conflict.

9 September — Philia Day
On 9 September 2012, the Sôgmô published the Soaring Glaucus of the Sovereign People, a treatise which specified areas in which Sandum culture should develop. The article led to the development of several general Philia plans, of which numerous have been made for 2012, 20132014, and now the Philia Plan for the Major Societal Shift.

For more information about the three political theories, see: About the Sandum Political Theories.