Central People’s Government


The Central People’s Government of the State of Sandus (CPG) is the national government of Sandus. Its highest institutions include the three main branches of the Sandum republic—the elected monarchy of the Sôgmô, the incorporated Citizens’ Party of Sandus, and the direct democratic Council. The Sôgmô oversees the day-to-day administration of the CPG while the Party and Council perform necessary roles in developing policy and holding the government accountable. Each have their own dedicated page below. Though the term is used for all national organs, the Central People’s Government is particularly used to refer to the State of Sandus’s administration under the Sôgmô, or the Sandum civil service.

Other organs of the Central People’s Government below the three major branches include ministries and bureaux. At the moment, there exist three ministries and one independent bureau.

  • Ministry of Diplomatic Affairs: Jacob Barnet Pharmacologus Σαρκαστικός
  • Ministry of Human & Environmental Health: Al Deuchars
  • Ministry of Social System Affairs: Aaron von Friedeck
  • Bureau of the Treasury: Adam von Friedeck

While coöperatives and enterprises can be considered as part of the CPG, they occupy an separate “economic branch” that exists as a further check on the power of the CPG and its component branches. The “central” in Central People’s Government also refers to the national government as opposed to any provincial government in Sandus.

Below are brief descriptions of important organs of the Central People’s Government of the State of Sandus. Click the titles to visit pages dedicated to the subject.

  • Office of the Sôgmô:
    The Sôgmô is the premier citizen and leader of the State of Sandus. The word sôgmô comes from the Abenaki word for “chief” or “first-citizen,” and it was first used in Sandum government in April 2011 with the ratification of the Founding Law of the State of Sandus — the law which defines his office, its role in government, and its powers.
  • Citizens’ Party of Sandus:
    The Citizens’ Party of Sandus (CPS) is a political party that has been in existence since the founding of Sandus in May 2009, when Sandus was still the Grand Lamate of Sandefreistikhan. The « Act on the Enfranchisement of the Party of Decembro MMXI » decreed that the Citizens’ Communist Party would become incorporated into the Central People’s Government as a democratic forum for the Sandum People; then-Secretary James Thompson filed the appropriate IN01 application to register the new coöperative early in 2012.
  • the Council:
    The Council of the State of Sandus is a direct democratic legislative organ where citizens come together to vote on legislative and policy proposals. Established on 21 December 2014, the Council is the newest organ of the Sandum Constitution and completes the transition from monarchy to elective monarchy and finally to the Sandum Republic.
  • Coöperatives:
    The Founding Law of the State of Sandus established the role of coöperatives in the society and economy of the State of Sandus. In November 2014, Communism was removed from the Party’s name and official ideology as the Party began to embrace Socialism and general Leftism.
  • Authorities & Institutions:
    These are organs in the Central People’s Government which fall under the legal definition of coöperatives yet that do not serve economic or social purposes, in contrast to the definition of a cooperative in the Founding Law.
  • Policies, Programs, and Projects

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