Honourable Order of Athena Pronoea

AthenaPronoea Emblem
Emblem of the Order

The Honourable Order of Athena Pronoea (ΑθΠ) was established on 21 October 2017 by Sôgmô Gaius Soergel Publicola. It was created so as to recognise and celebrate the academic achievements of Sandum citizens in a way which was linked to individual citizens’ levels of education.

The order is the second of three orders of honour in the State of Sandus.

The founding edict establishes that the Sôgmô is the Sovereign of the Order of Athena Pronoea and that the Order is granted according to “graduation of education,” i.e. the highest academic degree one has earned. All authority for the Order is given under the Sovereign, following closely in the practice of the Founding Law of the State of Sandus, including the display of regalia and insignia of the Order. The Order is awarded around the times of academic commencement ceremonies.

The Honourable Order of Athena Pronoea has five ranks and one unranked medal and mirrors the accomplishment of secondary and tertiary levels of education. The lowest rank, “Associate,” is designated for Associate’s degrees and similar degrees, followed by “Member” for Bachelor’s degrees.

Associates receive the post-nominal letters “AΑθΠ” while Members receive “MΑθΠ.” Next, Master’s degrees receive the rank of Knights with letters “KΑθΠ,” while Doctor’s degrees receive the Commander rank with “CΑθΠ” and Ph.D. degrees receive the rank of Commander First Class with “1e CΑθΠ.”

The Sovereign of the Order is not necessarily the highest rank of the Order but instead receives the rank which corresponds to þess academic achievement. Það is currently a Member of the Order and therefore receives the postnominal letters MΑθΠ.

Only Sandum citizens are eligible to be awarded membership in the Order.

Roll of Members:

Order of Athena Pronoea - 1e CΑθΠ

Commanders First Class of the Order

  • Philip, Sanôba Father 1e CΑθΠ – Ph.D. in History
  • Jan DeWitt, Homard of the State of Sandus 1e CΑθΠ – Ph.D. in History
Order of Athena Pronoea - CΑθΠ

Commanders of the Order

There are currently no recipients of this rank.

Order of Athena Pronoea - KΑθΠ

Knights of the Order

  • Gaius Soergel Publicola KΑθΠ – Master’s degree of Arts in Latin
  • Elizabeth, Phanem Sister KΑθΠ – Master’s degree of Library Science
  • Jacob Barnet Pharmacologus Σαρκαστικός MΑθΠ – Master’s degree of Science in Organic Chemistry
  • Jan DeWitt MΑθΠ – Master’s degree of Arts in Latin
  • Marcia, Phanem Mother KΑθΠ – Master’s degree of Social Work
Order of Athena Pronoea - MΑθΠ

Members of the Order

  • Akhilkumar Indurti MΑθΠ – Bachelor’s degree of Science in Computer Science
  • Sisenna Melville MΑθΠ – Bachelor’s degree of Arts in English Literature
  • Gaius Soergel Publicola MΑθΠ – Bachelor’s degree of Arts magna cum laude in History & Classics
  • Adam Camillus von Friedeck MΑθΠ – Bachelor’s degree of Arts magna cum laude in History & Political Science
Order of Athena Pronoea - AΑθΠ

Associates of the Order

  • Oliver Armstrong AΑθΠ – pursuing B.A.
  • Ryuho Hatsu AΑθΠ – pursuing B.A.
  • Aaron von Friedeck AΑθΠ – pursuing B.A.