Socii States

Socii states are sovereign states that have entered into a socius citizenship granting agreement with the State of Sandus, also known by its previous name ‘socilivo.’ Since November 2016, these agreements are now made to the entire association of aligned states, known as the “Social System” or by its Latin name “Systema Socialis.” The term socilivo came from the Latin word socius, meaning an ally, and reflects the Roman concept of socii where citizens have certain rights granted to them in the spirit of the ius Latii – specifically the rights to migrate, to form business and economic agreements in jurisdictions with the ius, and the right to intermarry. Sandus extends socius status to nation-projects that have a similar identity or similar philosophy. The Act on Citizenship of Martio MMXII (March 2012) and the Decree on Sociliva states and Provinces of Sextilo MMXIII (August 2013) are the laws governing these classes of citizenship. When Sandus replaced the Sandum constructed language Sancta for Latin in April 2015, the legal terms were changed from “socilivo” to “socius” in May 2015.

On socius citizenship, also see the Citizenship page.

The Systema Socialis currently has two socii civitates, another name for member-states in the System with this type of citizenship.

The Commonwealth of Kumano was a socius state from October 2013 to July 2017, when the country disbanded. It was a micronation with many cultural, philosophical, and political tenets related to Sandus. Former Kumanoese citizens are still eligible to become socii citizens.

The Kingdom of Überstadt has been a socius state since July 2014 and is a micronation with similar philosophical, social, political, and ideological beliefs as Sandus. Find more about Überstadt here.

On 17 November 2016, the State of Sandus and her two socii civitates partners, Kumano and Überstadt, signed the Treaty on the Establishment of the Social System significantly reforming the agreements. The new Social System operates in much the same way as the former Sandum-only alliance system, but the Systema Socialis operates as an international organisation.

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