Cultural Development (Philia)

Sandus has long been guided by two primary political theories that guide policy-making in Sandus: Libera and Realism. Libera is the political theory that Sandus ought to strive for (1) practical or “Realist” independence, (2) self-reliance in all affairs, and (3) self-defence of Sandus and her institutions. Realism is the political theory that Sandus ought to make practical decisions and actions, based on thoughtful examination of details and the logical use of Sandum State policy and governance. Combined, these two form Philia — which calls for pragmatic actions to be taken to promote the cultural independence of Sandus and to develop the Sandum culture.

When concerned with government policy, however, Philia is a policy that strives to fulfill precisely what its political theory hopes to achieve. In the realm of cultural development, the State of Sandus has programs for leitourgíes (liturgies) where citizens are empowered to perform social, cultural, and political projects in order to develop the State of Sandus and its culture. Philia also drives the Collegio Sacerdae to act as a cultural organ within the State of Sandus for ceremonial, religious, philosophical, and historical projects. Likewise, the Sôgmô is also empowered as the “fount of honour” in Sandus to act unilaterally on cultural affairs, though this is intended to be checked by counter-balance in the Sandum Cultural Authority (SCA) — that will likely soon be taken up by the future direct democratic assembly.

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