Tellus Agrarian Cooperative

Tellus Agrarian Cooperative is Sandus’s first economic cooperative, tasked with horticulture and gardening in Sandus. Created on 29 June 2013, Tellus Agrarian Cooperative is a worker-run and worker-oriented cooperative meant to introduce agrarianism into Sandum life and to make the Sandum economy’s basis linked to agriculture and food. The Cooperative was established following a report by the Sôgmô on making Sandus follow the path of human history by starting economic development at agriculture through an ideal called the “Neolithic Ideal.” Tellus Agrarian Cooperative is named after the Roman goddess for the earth and its fertile ability to produce food.

Tellus Agrarian Cooperative has only had a few growing seasons and work has been done to introduce more plants into Tellus’s repertoire. Tellus’s goal is to reduce Sandus’s dependence on foreign food imports and to increase the access and quality of food in Sandus. Tellus is not designed, however, to provide for complete self-reliance in terms of food in Sandus — nor is it designed to be self-sufficient as an economic cooperative. As a cooperative, it relies on the work of individual gardeners and farmers of the cooperative for its work, land, care for crops, and produce — making Tellus one of the prime cooperatives to first develop a system of worker’s democracy.

Read Tellus Agrarian Cooperative’s royal charter here.

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