Tellus Horticultural Coöperative

Tellus Horticultural Cooperative (THC) is Sandus’s first economic coöperative, tasked with horticulture and gardening in Sandus. Created on 29 June 2013 as the Tellus Agrarian Coöperative, THC is a worker-run and worker-oriented coöperative that strives to encourage coöperation among gardeners and horticulturalists in Sandus. Restructured on 28 July 2020, today we envision a Sandus where not only do plants improve our welfare with their beauty but also with their nutrition and our hard work. Holding onto the special importance food plays in the creation of a socialist society, we bear the name of the verdant and fertile goddess Tellus.

Citizens and others may apply to join the coöperative here by filling out an IN02 form.

Organisation of the Coöperative

Under construction…

Read Tellus Agrarian Coöperative’s royal charter here.

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