Erganê Artisanal Cooperative

Erganê Artisanal Cooperative is Sandus’s second economic cooperative, tasked with basic arts and crafts production in Sandus. Created on 24 August 2014, Erganê Artisanal Cooperative is a worker-run and worker-oriented cooperative meant to introduce minor production into Sandum life and to encourage basic economic production and self-sufficiency. The cooperative was established in hopes to provide for essential and basic needs of Sandum citizens, in addition to encouraging citizens to produce for needs and share products communally with other Sandum citizens. Erganê Artisanal Cooperative is named after the epithet of Athena, the Sandum matron goddess, in her role as matron of arts and crafts.

Like its partner, Tellus Agrarian Cooperative, Erganê Artisanal Cooperative is not designed to provide for complete self-sufficiency and self-reliance in terms of necessary goods. However, the cooperative is tasked with alleviating Sandum reliance on imports to meet Sandum citizens’ most immediate and basic needs.

Read Erganê Artisanal Cooperative’s founding document, an IN-01 form, here.

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