Nobility & Honours

The Sandum system of honours, awards, and decorations is comprised of one order of merit, a system of nobility, and a system of agnomina based on charity. The Sôgmô, as sovereign of Sandus, serves as the fons honorum of Sandus.


System of Nobility & the Sandum Table of Noble Ranks
The Sandum system of nobility is a system of nobility established by the Sôgmô for purely ceremonial purposes and does not confer any privileges save for ceremonial ones. It takes into consideration Sandum historical monarchies under the first and second baronies, making the highest noble rank in Sandus that of “baron” and “baroness.”

Orders, Medals, and Decorations

Most Honourable Order of the Throne of Sandus
The order is Sandus’s oldest and supreme order of merit, given at the pleasure of the Sôgmô. It is awarded for “dedicated work towards the establishment of the Sandum State.” There are 25 members divided into three ranks—member, commander, and elder or kchaia—into which one must be promoted.

Honourable Order of Athena Pronoea
The order is Sandus’s junior order of honour, awarded to recognise Sandum citizens’ academic achievements and accolades. There are 11 members divided into five ranks—associates, members, knights, commanders, and commanders first class.

Fraternal Annonary Order of the Wooden Bowl
The order is Sandus’s newest order that is set up as a fraternal chivalric order. Its members must have been initiated, somehow, into their religious organisation and must have declared faith in their religion’s creed. Members are divided into three ranks: seigneur (lord), chevalier banneret (knight banneret), and chevalier (knight). Each member is also eligible to have an écuyer (squire). Members must give dues that are given to an elected foundation or project on Chökhor Düchen.

The Medal for 10 Years of Sandus, designed by Dominic DeSaintes.

Medal for 10 Years of Sandus
Medal for 3 Years of the State of Sandus
Medal for 3 Years of Sandus

Other Honours

Tax Agnomina
Tax titles, also known as agnomina, are granted to individuals who have made significant charitable work in complying with Sandus’s charity taxes. To date, only two Sandum citizens have received an agnomen: Adam ‘Camillus’ von Friedeck and Sisenna Melville, who declined to take an agnomen.

Two awards from the Party and Council and several other medals are also being planned.