Sandum Holidays

Sandus has over 300 national holidays, including cultural, religious, and political holidays. Holidays fall into three categories: State holidays, Sancta holidays, and “days of recognition.” State holidays are important holidays which are uniquely Sandum and celebrate historical events in Sandus. Sancta holidays are derived from various cultures and religious traditions. These include Tibetan Buddhist holidays, Roman festivals, and Christian holidays, to name a few. “Days of recognition” are political and social holidays that do not rank as important as State holidays and that serve a particular purpose. These include holidays like Start Your Own Country Day, Transgender Day of Remembrance and Resilience, Realism Day, and Revolutionaries’ Day.

State holidays include:

  • 20 February: Day of Secession
  • 13 April: Day of Foundation
  • 1 May: Labour Day
  • 9 May: Remembrance Day
  • 26 May: Day of Creation, or Sandum Independence Day
  • 7 November: National Day of Socialism

Some important Sancta holidays are:

  • 1 January: Gregorian New Year
  • January: Month of Peace
  • Losar, or Tibetan Lunar New Year, occurs in January or February
  • 1 March: Sancta New Year
  • 1 April: Veneralia
  • Week of 28 June: LGBTQ Pride Week
  • 1 August: Lammas
  • 19 October: the Armilustrium
  • 28 November: Athena’s Day
  • 17-23 December: Saturnalia
  • 25 December: Christmas and Dies Natalis Solis Invicti
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