Authorities & Institutions

Authorities and Institutions are a recent development of the state structure of the State of Sandus. Legally descended from cooperatives, authorities and institutions are cooperative in structure and collective in management and governance but have specific functions that are often linked to government business. Authorities exist in order to provide democratic venues to change some systematic or structural element of Sandum culture or society, by directing its development and acting as a counter-balance to the patronisation of the Sôgmô and the Collegio Sacerdae. Institutions, on the other hand, serve a specific function falling under governmental responsibility; ultimately, this makes them governmental organisations that provides a service from the government to the people.

There currently exist two authorities and three institutions.

Sandum Language & Style Authority — the SL&SA is an authority intended to develop the use of language and writing in Sandus. It has the final say on the sayings, terms, and phrases we use here in the State of Sandus.
Sandum Cultural Authority — the SCA is an authority tasked with introducing democracy into the development of the Sandum culture and to act as a counter-balance to the Sôgmô’s and Collegio Sacerdae’s patronising of cultural work in Sandus.

Kremlum Sandus State Press — KSSP is an institution in the State of Sandus tasked with the publication of educative material. So far, it has only published a textbook pamphlet on the Founding Law of Sandus that is in use in Kremlum Sandus State College.
Kremlum Sandus State College — KSSC is an institution tasked with the oversight of education in Sandus and with awarding the civila certificate that entitles peregrae citizens to become full civilae citizens; the KSSC’s website can be found here.
Royal Library of Sandus — the BRS (French: Bibliothèque Royale de Sande) is an institution housing the Sôgmô’s collection of books, including some books with limited publication numbers that make the Royal Library one of the most interesting in the world.

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