About Sandum Media

Sandum media includes audio, visual, and printed media published in the State of Sandus. To date, Sandum media includes Veritum Sandus, Channum Unum, the Voice of Sandus, Sacerdotium, and the Tellus Sibyl. The history of media in Sandus dates to mid to late 2009, when Sandus created its first newspaper in the form of a periodical image file and a Livestream channel was created.

Veritum Sandus
The first periodical newspaper in Sandus eventually became Veritum Sandus (Sandum Latin: “Truth of Sandus”) in November 2009 and was moved to WordPress in that month; however, the first Veritum Sandus article dates from May 2010. Veritum Sandus has been used as the official register and journal of Sandum governments since its foundation, and continues to exist as the premier newspaper after a long period of having only one newspaper. Today, Sandus has four newspapers yet Veritum Sandus still remains the most important and most widely-read in Sandus for its national and international journalism. Veritum Sandus has been recognised as being one of the premier intermicronational newspapers in the micronational world, whose opinion editorials and articles on Sandum national news are both widely read and widely respected. As the national newspaper, Veritum Sandus is often at the vanguard of Sandus’s political, social, and cultural developments and is featured greatly in all Sandum national efforts.
Access Veritum Sandus by clicking here.

Channum Unum
The first and only video channel in Sandus, Channum Unum (Sandum Latin: “Channel One”) was established in late 2009 as a Livestream channel. Channum Unum has had other, smaller channels on Livestream too: Partio, Festai, Alnôbak, Kanaka, and Norskemann. Partio was dedicated to broadcasting CCPS Party news and Socialist music; Festai was dedicated to broadcasting marches for 9 May – Remembrance Day in Sandus; Alnôbak was dedicated to Native American music and information; Kanaka was dedicated to Hawai’ian, Polynesian, and other Pacific Islander culture, music, and information; and Norskemann was a temporary channel established to commemorate the 2011 Oslo and Utøya attacks. Though it no longer broadcasts on Livestream, Channum Unum still regularly releases videos on its YouTube channel. Due to a recent update to YouTube in late 2013, however, a new channel has been created specifically for Channum Unum.
Access Channum Unum by clicking here.

Voice of Sandus
The first secondary newspaper in Sandus serving the CCPS Party specifically, the Voice of Sandus is a newspaper interested on Party news, Socialist opinions, and the publication of revolutionary Socialist cultural and social work. It was established in May 2012. As the official journal of the Party, it publishes articles focused on Sandum politics of LiberaRealism, and Philia; regular and special articles; and revolutionary music for the State and Party.
Access Voice of Sandus by clicking here.

The official newspaper and journal of the Collegium Sacerdotum, Sacerdotium (Latin: “Office of Priests”) was created in September 2012 following the establishment of Voice of Sandus. Publishing works of micropatriological, academic, religious, philosophical, and cultural importance is the function of Sacerdotium. Despite being the second smallest and second youngest newspaper in Sandus, Sacerdotium attracts the most irregular visitors thanks to the broader Pagan, neo-Pagan, and Polytheist community that the Collegio is focused on.
Access Sacerdotium by clicking here.

Tellus Sibyl
The youngest and smallest newspaper in Sandus, Tellus Sibyl is a periodical newspaper which reports on seasonal and harvest news from Tellus Agrarian Cooperative. Its publication is irregular and is often announced on Veritum Sandus.
Access the latest edition of the Tellus Sibyl here.

Radio Patria
The newest addition to Sandum media, Radio Patria is Sandus’s first and only radio station. Broadcasting only on the internet through such sites as SoundCloud and through Channum Unum on YouTube, Radio Patria broadcasts at irregular times at least once every month. Broadcasts come in five segments: News, Music, Lesson or Interview, Events Coming Up, and sélection Française — a selection of the news and upcoming events made in Sandus’s second official language, French.
Listen to the most recent broadcast of Radio Patria here.

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