About Sandus

The State of Sandus is a micronation created on 26 May 2009. Established then first for amusement, as most micronations, Sandus today has reclaimed and revised its founding mission and vision since 2010 to include a unique philosophy intended to allay every person’s by establishing a community of citizens working towards one aim: pragmatic improvement of our collective welfare.

Sandus is a micronation with an exciting history, including a turbulent early history all the way until our current stable government and civil society today. Sandum culture is rooted in the belief of multiculturalism, yet also affirms a belief in cultural independence for the sake of our own freedom and right to nationality. We are a progressive state, aspiring to economic and social independence for the well-being of our citizens while also encouraging the integration of our economic system for the benefit of all citizens. We affirm personal liberty with a conscious collectivism by uniting our people under the motto: “the Nation is comprised of Individuals.”

In Sandus, we treat all of our citizens as adults — equal and free within our sovereign government. Included in the fluid constitution of our State of Sandus, we include a broad array of rights and liberties for our people; we include an ideal vision of Sandus as one people united by the common purpose of allaying our human suffering with our philosophy of Buddhism, Socialism, and Sancta – a miscellaneous category characterised by its focus on independence, self-determination, and multicultural pluralism. This ideal vision of Sandus is written into our Founding Law, ratified on 13 April 2011, and includes principles of independence, social welfare, and pragmatic government for our community of citizens. Though Sandus is a small nation — and even a small micronation compared to others, Sandus is nonetheless an extremely active and exciting nation-project for all of our people — and we hope that you may join us.

To learn more about Sandus, please visit:
Sandum Culture
Our History
the State of Sandus

Introduction to Sandus:

Gradient Map.PNG
Kremlum Sandus Province, the cultural heartland of Sandus.

Capital: Quercus Candida
Motto: Populus Sandus (“People of Sandus”)
Official Languages: English, French, and Latin
Demonym: Sandum People, Sande, and Sandi
Government: Socialist Elective Monarchy or Republic (see Dual Definition)
Executive: Sôgmô Gaius Sörgel Publicola
Legislature: Council
Population: 12
Currency: Persuma
Time Zone: UTC-5 (does not observe DST)
Provinces: 4 (Quercus Candida, Kremlum Sandus, Further Sandus, Sandus Europāi)

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