Fraternal Annonary Order of the Wooden Bowl

The Fraternal Annonary Order of the Wooden Bowl, formally known by its French name l’Ordre annonaire fraternel du Bol en bois, is Sandus’s third order in historical length and in precedence. Its postnominal letters and abbreviation is OBB after its official French name. The chivalric order was established on the Winter Solstice 2018 for philanthropy, charity, and almsgiving and, after April 2021, for camaraderie too. The order’s name is a reference to an alms bowl (patra) that a Buddhist renunciate or monk carries.

Members constitute four ranks. There are two seigneurs (lords), four chevaliers bannerets (knights banneret), and eight chevaliers (knights). Of the fourteen, each member is entitled to appoint an écuyer or écuyere (squire). The Sôgmô is one of the seigneurs, and is the sovereign of the order. In the order’s business, however, all members are addressed equally.

As part of its charter and mission, members must give charity based on their rank. Dues are donated in time for Chökhor Düchen that falls on the fourth day of the Tibetan sixth lunar month (approximately late July to early August). The dues are calculated according to the price of the French franc in 1945 in comparison to the US Dollar in 2015.

Two things make this honour unique in Sandus. First, the order is a personal honour granted by Gaius Soergel Publicola, the reigning Sôgmô, and is not an honour granted by them in their position as an officer of state. The next sôgmô will not necessarily inherit the position of sovereign of the order. Second, the order is also governed in the manner of a chivalric company, hence the order is a fraternal order that is “annonary,” or it is concerned with alms and doles.

Read the founding règlement, or ordinance, here or below.

Blason: Argent, three bars wavy or, on a halo proper an eight-spoke wheel of the second charged with a patra also proper; all within an orle azure sande.

Roll of Members


Gaius Soergel Publicola, Sôgmô of the State of Sandus, Sovereign of the Order

Adam I, King of Überstadt, Treasurer of the Order

Chevaliers bannerets



Règlement de l’Ordre

The Règlement de l’Ordre is the founding document of the order. It governs the order’s constitution, government, purpose, and members’ obligations.

Chokhor Duchen - Ocean of Compassion Buddhist Center
The Blessed One and the “First Turning of the Wheel of Dharma”

Chökhor Düchen

Chökhor Düchen is a Tibetan and Tibetan Buddhist holiday that commemorates the event of the Buddha’s first sermon of his philosophy at Sarnath, near Varanasi, in India. The holiday’s name refers to the first “turning” of the wheel of the Buddha’s Dharma (chökhor in Tibetan is a compound word of chö “dharma” and khor “wheel,” and düchen means “festival”). The holiday occurs on the fourth day of the sixth month of the Tibetan lunar calender, which means that its date changes in the Gregorian calendar but occurs at some time in July and August.

This year (2021) Chökhor Düchen falls on Wednesday 14 July.

By this day, the order’s members must pay their obligations to charity that are determined by rank. Other events dedicated to the order may be held on this day, such as a religious service and a meeting of the order’s members in the form of a Quaker meeting.