Sandus has a socialist economy according to the Founding Law. By law, all businesses in Sandus are government-owned and managed by worker’s democracy in line with the needs of the State. These businesses are called coöperatives, as they are intended to be coöperative working environments for workers and citizens in Sandus. As private property for business, industry, and the accumulation of capital is forbidden in Sandus; all economic organs are owned by publicly by the State of Sandus. Private ownership of a business is constitutionally forbidden in Sandus, and ownership and management of all businesses is ideally meant to be from the workers themselves. Many coöperatives are managed directly by the Sôgmô, however, as there exists little possibility for worker’s democracy or self-government by the coöperatives themselves. It is Sandus’s hope, however, that coöperatives will be managed in the future by a democratic system established in each coöperative by the workers.

To apply for a coöperative, request an IN01 form from the Office of the Sôgmô at To apply, one must be a citizen of the State of Sandus.

Plans and goals related to coöperatives include the 2015 Economic Goal, the «All-Citizens United» Plan, and the Building of Infrastructure objective.

Coöperatives of the State of Sandus

Collegium Sacerdotum

Tellus Agrarian Coöperative

Erganê Artisanal Coöperative

State Media Coöperative

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