«20 March» Blacklist

On 20 March 2019, the Sôgmô released a policy directive that instructed Sandum diplomats and chargé·e·s d’affaires of the Ministry of Diplomatic Affairs not to do business with white supremacist, white nationalist, Nazi or fascist, traditional conservative, and meninist micronations. Since 2019, this has been broadly defined and now includes micronations that the State of Sandus refuses to do business with on political and moral grounds.

This policy directive encouraged the building up of a multilateral coalition to combat white supremacy in the intermicronational community. It also authoritatively instructed the Central People’s Government to keep a blacklist of micronations that the State of Sandus considers hold and support philosophies and political ideologies at odds with the 20 March policy directive.

This is that blacklist.

Micronation’s NameLeader(s)Date addedReason
North American EmpireCharles Saxe-Coburg & Karling27 April 2019Religious Nationalism
Republic of New WestphaliaDaniel Morris15 August 2020Sexual Violence
Commonwealth of DraculStephen Luke, Dmitri Howie, Daniel Morris 15 August 2020Apologia for Sexual Violence
House of HomesteadArthur Louis Pagan27 August 2020Falangism,
UDHR §19
House of DeHerreraWilliam Deherrera-Villarini,
Michael (Yolanda) Deherrera-Villarini
27 August 2020UDHR §19