Council Passes New Rules & Procedures

The Council of the State of Sandus, the country’s direct democratic assembly, has passed a new document that establishes new rules and procedures for how the assembly is to be governed. It is the first such document that will provide structure to how the legislature is run since the Council was established in January 2015. The document has been in the works in Sandus since the beginning of the year when Council reforms first changed the title of the leader of the Council from facilitator to speaker. Before the Rules & Procedures document, the Council was governed by a series of impromptu decisions that covered such things as how to vote in the Council or how to elect the facilitator, the former leader of the Council that is today called the Speaker.

The new Rules & Procedures cover such things as voting, debate, and how to pass a bill. Intended as an easy reference, the new document makes it easier for any citizen to figure out how the legislature is run and managed. It clarifies who is a member of the Council, how a quorum is determined, and when a vote passes or fails. But it also clarifies the schedule of the election of the new office of Speaker, the ability of citizens to recall a speaker, and how a bill is passed with three “readings.”

Read the new Rules & Procedures of the Council below.