New Diplomatic Policy: No Involvement in Domestic Disputes

Under a new diplomatic policy, the Sôgmô has directed Sandum diplomats not to become involved in foreign domestic disputes that involve micronations with citizens of multiple micronations. The policy comes amid tensions in the Borean Community where Thomas and Laura Bainbridge, former citizens of New Virginia and the monarchs of Hrafnarfjall, left the country and its government, triggering a general election in the commonwealth. The new policy has its roots in Sandum foreign policy dating from the “federalist” period of the early 2010s in the MicroWiki community, however, and is directed at no specific country where such internal disputes may crop up in the future.

Sandus and the Sandum diplomatic corps may not be involved in a foreign conflict
(1) that originates as a domestic conflict in another micronation and
(2) which actors, with multiple micronationalities, incite.

Sandum Diplomatic Policy 05022021

Sandus has long been concerned with the practice of micronations allowing citizens to have multiple micronational nationalities, a practice that, the Central People’s Government has believed since 2012, makes a micronation prone to internecine domestic and international conflict that can often spin out of control. At the time, Sandus raised its concerns publicly that micronations that are made up of micronationalists from other micronations may produce an immediate period of growth but that the political dynamics of such a system are risky and prone to conflicts and to lows. This concern led the Sôgmô to ban dual micronational citizenship with the exception of Social System members. Since social countries are supposed to be very similar to Sandus in philosophy and in intent, the arrangement seeks to eliminate the chance for conflict between members.

Sandus has maintained the ban since then, preferring instead to foster a small but dedicated citizenry committed to the ideals of the Sandum state. This has also had the benefit of not causing any open international conflicts.

The new diplomatic policy makes clear that Sandus will seek to contain foreign internal disputes to the countries that involve them, instead of allowing the conflicts to become intermicronational incidents. This is the first of such policies in Sandus’s immediate intermicronational sphere.