Sôgmô Issues Decree Governing Cabinet, Sensitive State Information

The Sôgmô has issued a decree governing the cabinet and classified information, fulfilling one goal of last December’s Blue Lecture early in 2021. The decree specifies the membership of the cabinet, how governmental positions are made cabinet-level, and how sensitive State information is classified and should be handled.

Read the decree here.

Though the cabinet has effectively existed since November 2017, the decree is the first Sandum law that governs it. The cabinet’s official name is the Three Grand Officers of State and the Junior State Officers, and it exists to “counsel the Sôgmô, give advice to other State Officers, provide a platform for communication between governmental organs, mediate government business, and to address urgent state matters.”

The Three Grand State Officers are the Sôgmô, the Party Secretary, and the Facilitator, and the Junior State Officers include all ministers, the heir, leaders of coöperatives, or other government leaders “whose portfolio the Sôgmô or the cabinet deem necessary to be cabinet-level positions.”

The decree also classifies information that is sensitive and privy to the cabinet and Central People’s Government. Information is divided into four categories—secret, confidential, sensitive, and public—and allows for categories to have certain exceptions or caveats. All information originating in the cabinet is considered to be privy unless otherwise specified, and the decree specifies how information is declassified.