CPG Publishes Report on 2020 Census

The Central People’s Government has published its report on the 2020 Census, written by Sandum citizen Peter Wood, edited by the Honourable Sôgmô Gaius Soergel Publicola, and with contributions by Party Secretary Adam Camillus von Friedeck. The 2020 Census, the first regular census in Sandum history, had 15 respondents (a 71.4% response rate from all citizens) and will be repeated again in 2025. It has 16 questions covering 12 topics.

You can read the full report here.

Most census respondents chose to complete the census in English, while one chose to complete it in French. The census was also available in Latin.

Summary of Census Report

  1. Preferred Form of Official Communication: 60% of respondents said they would prefer if official communication were done on Sandus’s Discord server, compared to 20% for Facebook and 13.3% for email.
  2. Gender: 47.6% of Sandum citizens are men, 38.1% women, and 14.3% are gender nonbinary/agender/genderqueer. Of these, 76.2% of Sandum citizens are cisgender and 23.8% are transgender.
  3. Sexuality: 57.1% of Sandum citizens are straight, 14.3% are lesbian or gay, 23.8% are bisexual, and 4.8% are asexual.
  4. Race & Ethnicity: 90.5% of Sandum citizens are white, while the remaining 8.5% are equally divided between Black/African American and Indian.
  5. Religion/Spirituality: Atheists and Christians comprise the largest religious/spiritual groups in Sandus with 39.1% each, while two respondents identified themselves as both Buddhists and Polytheists/Pagans/Neopagans/Wiccans.
  6. Political Inclination: Of the descriptors used to refer to individual citizens, 44.4% of respondents described themselves as Left, Left-wing, or Leftist, and one-third identified themselves as Socialists or Democratic Socialists. One respondent identified as a Democrat and another as a Social Democrat. One respondent did not respond. Together 70% of respondents are Socialists or broadly Leftists.
  7. Languages: All Sandum citizens know English, followed by German, Latin, Spanish, Ancient Greek, and French. 80% of Sandum citizens are familiar with multiple languages.
  8. Occupation: 53.3% of respondents have more than one job, while 47.6% of all citizens are students.
  9. Interests & Skills: This section is useful for the individual responses, but in the new administrative year that the following numbers of people will be invited to join coöperatives: 11 for Erganê Artisanal Coöperative, 5 for the State Media Coöperative, 4 for the Collegium Sacerdotum, and 3 for Tellus Horticultural Coöperative. Because of citizens’ interest, a new coöperative will be established for sport and gaming.
  10. Relationship Status: The largest plurality of Sandum citizens, one-third, are single, followed closely by married citizens at 28.6% and citizens who are in a relationship at 19%.
  11. Education: All Sandum citizens have at least secondary education, while 81% have a Bachelor’s degree (the other 19% are currently working on one) and one-third of Sandum citizens have a postgraduate degree (Master’s or doctorate).
  12. Living Wage: Of the respondents, 9 or 60% said that they had received a living wage, while 26.7% said that they had not. 13.3% said they were unsure.
  13. Housing & Family: 65% of Sandum citizens rent their homes, while 30% own a house. 5% live with parents. Most respondents (60%) expressed that they live with others.

Some information was not provided by the 2020 Census but is kept and updated regularly by the Central People’s Government in the Tabulae Sande, such as with Party membership, activity, citizenship type, and province.