Here are the 30 Things Sandus Will Do in 2021

On Sunday at 23:00 UTC, the Sôgmô delivered their Blue Lecture found here on Channum Unum or here in text. The speech from the throne, Sandus’s second annual, reflects both on the last year and lays the framework of the Sôgmô’s policy for the following year.

In their speech, the Sôgmô announced the thirty things Sandus will do in 2021 based on ten categories.

February 2021 — February 2022: the Year of Realism

  • Edit, preface, and compile all existing Realist treatises
  • Hold symposia during Klatsches and for non-Sandum micronationalists

Royal Wedding

  • The Royal Wedding is to be held on 25 September 2021

Cultural and Social Policies

  • Institutionalisation of the Klatsches: plan, summarise, change of venue
  • Direction MicroFrancophone
  • In-person and online holiday celebrations (8 holidays listed)
  • Language Education: official languages, linguistic diversity, and indigenous languages


  • Common Economy treaties
  • Technological coöperation with other micronations, especially Borean Community
  • Coöperative Reform
  • New Charter for the Collegium Sacerdotum: membership, organization, and activity


  • Encourage Reforms of Party’s Constitution
  • Support Party’s Professionalisation


  • Support Facilitator
  • Clarify Council’s and Sôgmô’s division of powers


  • Diplomatic Affairs: Identify new Procedures, Chain of Command
  • Human & Environmental Health: Transfer Tellus Horticultural Coöperative to worker’s democracy
  • Human & Environmental Health: Draft a Sandum Health & Environmental Vision
  • Treasury: Draft Memo on Monetary and Currency Recommendations


  • Hold a Klatsch on Provincial Reform
  • Provide Email Accounts for Major Offices
  • Issue a Decree on the Cabinet
  • Launch a Monthly Newsletter, Podcast

Diplomatic Relations

  • Run the Borean Community under Sandus’s Presidency
  • Provide a Framework for Regular Business in the Borean Community
  • Stand for OMF’s Deputy General Secretaryship for Culture and the Development of the MicroFrancophonie
  • Propose an Official Meeting of the OMF for North American Members
  • Encourage Admissions of Francophile Members and Observers to the OMF

Justice and Litigation

  • Draft a Plan on a Proposed Justice System of Litigation
  • Hold a Reading Group on Law and Equity