Sôgmô, Cabinet issue statement in support of BLM

The Three Grand State Officers of the State of Sandus and the country’s Junior State Officers, who make up the Sandum cabinet, have issued a statement of support for the Black Lives Matter movement and protests after the death of George Floyd. Sandus has long been a proponent of the movement against racism, white supremacy, and police brutality.

The Grand State Officers include the leaders of the three branches of the Sandum republic—the Sôgmô, the Party Secretary, and the Council’s Facilitator—while the Junior State Officers include the heir and ministers.

The statement begins with broad terms on how Sandus’s philosophy understands and responds to the problem of racism and white supremacy. It continues that platitudes at a time like this seem unbecoming the situation while reiterating the commitment all Sandum citizens feel to anti-racism at this time. Next, the leaders of the State of Sandus express their “unequivocal support for the BLM movement and protest” and laud Seattle’s Capitol Hill protests for their “ingenious use of collective action in this struggle.” Finally, the statement concludes by noting the need for sincere and clear statements of solidarity with the movement and by sending fraternal greetings and solidarity to black, brown, indigenous people of colour (BIPOC) in Sandus and around the world.

We remain committed to your humanity, your welfare, and your health and safety, whose concerns we may experience and understand through empathy and compassion.

The statement was approved on 15 June and signed by all members of the cabinet.