Major reshuffle of ministries, new health ministry

The Sôgmô has reshuffled ministers for the first time since the Ministry of Diplomatic Affairs was first established in August 2016, and for the first time Sandus has had a cabinet. This comes after a period of inactivity from former Diplomatic Affairs minister Jacob Barnet, who has been on a leave of absence because of his research.

Barnet will now become the minister of a new ministry, however: the Ministry of Human and Environmental Health. His tasks will be to both craft policy related to the health of Sandum citizens and their environment, as well as to inform citizens about both. The new ministry oversees the responsibilities and fulfilment of citizens’ constitutional and human rights enshrined in the Founding Law’s provisions on healthcare and the environment.

Emblem of the new ministry

Though the plan for a human and environmental health ministry was first discussed in May during Sandus’s tenth anniversary, the plan was shelved after Hatsu Ryuho withdrew his name from consideration. But, after Aerican Emperor Eric gave a speech at MicroCon 2019 on micronational healthcare policy, Barnet recently discussed a change of portfolio and the Sôgmô raised the issue of the new ministry which falls more within the purview of Barnet’s education and training as a doctor.

Artemis Baca, who was recently reëlected to another term as the Facilitator of the Council, will now become the new diplomatic affairs minister, while Barnet will stay on as a diplomat. In addition to coming up to speed, she will reform the ministry and work on greeting Sandum friends and allies, as well as sending letters to macronations to inform them of our existence.

Adam Camillus von Friedeck has also had his portfolio expanded, becoming the new director of the Bureau of the Treasury. Comrade Director has recently shown an interest in fiscal and monetary policy in Sandus, and has teamed up with Comrade Facilitator to develop new Sandum economic policy. As Party Secretary, he is already working to schedule a meeting of the Commission for the Command Economy this month.