Sandus applies for GUM observership

The Council of the State of Sandus has approved a motion to apply to become an observer of the Grand Unified Micronational, one of the leading intermicronational organisations in the MicroWiki community. The decision comes after three votes in support and two in abstention. The motion was supported by the Sôgmô and the Diplomatic Affairs minister Jacob Barnet and, after the motion’s passing, the Sôgmô submitted an application to the Grand Unified Micronational this evening.

The motion comes as Sandum chargée d’affaires Artemis Baca is slated to serve as the primary representative of Sandus in the organisation, if the application is accepted. The Sôgmô reiterated þess unwillingness to take the top position in a possible future Sandum delegation, citing graduate school work and attention to Sandum domestic affairs. As Sandus’s chief representative abroad and as head of state, however, the Sôgmô will be attentive to the work of any Sandum delegation to the GUM.

This comes after the Sôgmô published an opinion piece last week detailing þess support of Duke Bradley of Dullahan’s and Emperor Jonathan of Austenasia’s opinions on the issues plaguing the Grand Unified Micronational. Both Wyvernian and Austenasian leaders had agreed that the organisation fared best under times of ideological difference, but the Duke of Dullahan concluded that the time had come to see the organisation be let go and to be born again. Það pointed out the obvious solution would to be encourage ideological heterogeneity in the organisation and revealed that there was a movement in Sandum government to apply again for GUM observer membership.

Sandus applied to be an observer previously in January 2017 and to be a full member in June 2017. Both applications were rejected at the time, but the active members of Sandus are rather confident that this time the application may be successful.

As an observer, the State of Sandus would have no voting powers in the organisation but may address the Quorum of Delegates, the main assembly of the organisation, with the chairperson’s consent. While only one delegate may observe the Quorum, as would be the case of Artemis Baca, the Sandum Diplomatic Affairs minister Jacob Barnet or the Sôgmô may serve as staff in the organisation’s lounge where diplomatic discussions are often held. Sandus will have to continue to demonstrate its willingness to observe the GUM every three months, a function which will likely be carried out by the Minister of Diplomatic Affairs.