Party Secretary appoints Central Committee ahead of Party Congress

The Party Secretary of the Citizens’ Party of Sandus, Adam Camillus von Friedeck, has appointed two provisional members of the Central Committee of the Citizens’ Party of Sandus ahead of the Party’s plenary congress on 4 November 2017. Hatsu Ryuho and Jacob Barnet Pharmacologus Σαρκαστικός were appointed members of the Party’s Central Committee ahead of the Congress in order to vote on the membership of a new candidate.

It is the first time the Party’s Central Committee will sit as a fully constituted body, although the Party’s Constitution was ratified in December 2016 by a Party-wide referendum. According to the Party’s Constitution, the Party Secretary has entire authority over the appointment of the Central Committee. All new members of the Party must have their candidacy for membership approved by the Central Committee, according to the constitution.

It is expected that the CPS Secretary will address the congress on the appointment and composition of the Central Committee, as well as on members’ engagement in the State of Sandus and the Party and on the Party Platform.

View the agenda of the Party Congress 2017 here.