Policy Projections: 1-8 September 2017

We have shared news of the Honourable Sôgmô Gaius Soergel Publicola pursuing a degree to become a Philosophiae Doctor (Ph.D.) at the University of Michigan. (2/4)
We have enacted the Sôgmô’s proposal to establish Limited Nobility in the State of Sandus. (28/4)
We have announced the installation of formal regalia for the Sôgmô. (22/5)
We have convened the first party meeting of the Commission of the Planned Economy (CCE) between the Sôgmô and the Party Secretary and developed three points to help develop the economy. (9/6)
We have shared the news of Artemis Baca has come out publicly as a transgender woman and congratulated of her progress. (13/6)
We have published the Solstice Report. (21/6)
We have shared news of the Sôgmô representing the State at MicroCon and of presenting the Sandum Constitution to the public. (26/6)
We have shared an update of the Sôgmô’s progress at MicroCon (26/6)
We have congratulated Facilitator Hatsu Ryuho for receiving a new three-month term due to no opposition. (9/7)
We have shared the news of le Mur des drapeaux or the “Wall of the Flags”, has been removed from the Office of the Sôgmô in the Palace of the State and shall be moved to Michigan at the new capital and a new commission of the new le Mur des drapeaux.
We have shared the Trans* History throughout the history of Sandus. (26/7)
We have shared the news of Sandus, MOCC, Uskor, and among many other nations signing a joint statement condemning the U.S. transgender ban in the US military. (27/7)
We have announced the formation of the State Media Cooperative. (3/8)

In the upcoming week,
We shall prepare new certificates of creation for gentry in Sandus.
We shall prepare new coats armorial for new nobles in Sandus.
We shall prepare for the creation of a new Sandum province in the Michigan peninsula.

We shall work to create several new awards, honours, and orders.
We shall author and work through the Council a new law governing the succession of the Sôgmô.