State Media Cooperative forms

The Sôgmô has completed and approved an IN-01 form, the form for establishing new cooperatives, for a new state-run media cooperative, known simply by the founding documents as the “State Media Cooperative.” The cooperative will serve as the official media and content creating organ of the State of Sandus and will include all forms of media in the State of Sandus. For the first time, all of Sandus’s media organisms now fall under one state-run cooperative.

Digital Print Media:
Veritum Sandus — the official journal of the State of Sandus
Sacerdotium — the official journal of the Collegium Sacerdotum
Voice of Sandus — the official journal of the Citizens’ Party of Sandus
Tellus Sibyl — the inactive seasonal newsletter of Tellus Agrarian Cooperative

Audiovisual Media:
Channum Unum — the online television network of the State of Sandus
Radio Patria — the online radio station of the State of Sandus

Effectively, little will change in the structure of Sandum media, however. The media organs will continue to operate and produce media in the manner in which they have traditionally done so and the same editorial structure, for the time being, will remain in place.

Discussions will have to take place in the future to discuss how the new cooperative will manage or share management of the autonomous and overlapping media organs which are the official journals of Sandum cooperatives.

In addition, the cooperative will be tasked with managing future development of Sandum media and with providing a future plan for media development of media organs which are critically importantly but have faced inactivity recently. One key goal will be to restart Sandus’s audiovisual media, of which both Channum Unum and Radio Patria have been plagued by inactivity. With the inactivity of Tellus Agrarian Cooperative, however, there is no telling yet when and how Tellus Sibyl will be restarted.