Sandus, MOCC, and Uskor condemn US transgender ban

Representatives of the Missionary Order of the Celtic Cross, Sandus, and Uskor have penned a statement condemning the United States’ ban on transgender people in the US Armed Forces, following the American President’s controversial tweets on 26 July 2017. The statement was also signed by the Minister-President of Saint-Castin, the Prince of Aigues-Mortes, and the President of Zirconic.

Joint statement on the recent order banning transgender individuals from the
United States Armed Forces

We the undersigned hereby condemn the recent orders via Twitter from the President of the United States of America, Mr Donald Trump that seek to exclude transgender individuals from serving in the United States Armed Forces in any capacity.

We believe this order is reckless, bigoted and that it makes zero sense from a military capability point of view.  

History has proven time and time again that transgender individuals can serve and when given the ability to serve as their authentic selves they are more combat ready, unit cohesion is better and overall morale is improved.

In ordering that transgender persons not be able to serve in the United States Armed Forces Mr Trump is not only excluding people who may be good soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen but he is ordering that the United States Armed Forces lose valuable skills and knowledge that has taken decades to be acquired and will take decades to reacquire and thus have a negative impact on the abilities and combat readiness of the United States Armed Forces.

Transgender people should have every right to serve their nation should they wish, and transgender personnel should be permitted to transition whilst serving.

Those who may complain about the cost of funding and allowing transgender individuals to serve should note that costs of one F35 costs $US 94.6 Million yet the total costs of all transgender related surgeries cost $US 2.4 Million -$US 8.4 Million a year.

We can also point to the examples of various defence forces around the globe where transgender people are permitted to serve openly and see that it does nothing but good for those defence forces, pertinent examples can include those of Captain Hannah Winterbourne, Group Captain Cate McGregor and Guardsman Chloe Allen all of whom have shown that transgender people can serve with distinction and in combat roles.



Admiral Charlotte Lindstrom – President of Uskor, Director of the Uskorian Naval Service

The Honourable Sôgmô Gaius Soergel Publicola of the State of Sandus

Thomas Lee Harris, Jr. – Archdruid, MOCC Seminole County Comvocationry and 1st Archon, Council of Eight, Kingdom of Dubast.

Her Draconic Majesty Violet-Marie of Dubast

Commodore Claire Nymoria – Prime Ministe of Uskor, Chief of Naval Staff

The Right Honorable Dominic Desaintes – Minister-President of the Republic of Saint-Castin

S.A.S Jean-Pierre IV. Prince of the Principality of Aigues-Mortes

Andrew Janiszewski – President of the Republic of Zirconic