Sôgmô issues Open Letter to GUM delegates

The Sôgmô, Gaius Soergel Publicola, has issued an open letter to the delegates of the Grand Unified Micronational following the Council’s ratification of a motion to approve an application for observer membership in the organisation. The letter details Sandus’s history with the organisation, the significant political policies of Libera and Realism in Sandus, the mission of the State of Sandus, and the general move towards isolationism in Sandus since 2014. The letter also addresses the reason for the failure of Sandus’s application for full membership from July 2016, unequivocally stating that “to vote against Sandus’s application because of its foreign policies designed to protect LGBTQ+ micronationalists would be to vote against the expectations and provisions set out in the organisation’s own founding document.” The Sôgmô cited two key provisions of the GUM Charter in þess footnotes: one provision deals with formal styles of address, while the other deals with national sovereignty and domestic policy.

Read the full text of the letter patent here.

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