the Council passes motion to apply for GUM Observership

The Council of the State of Sandus has passed a motion to apply for observer membership in the Grand Unified Micronational, half a year since Sandus’s application for full membership failed in July 2016. The news comes after recent forays into the warming of relations with the Empire of Austenasia and the Commonwealth of Zealandia, since communication has resumed between the Sôgmô and Austenasian and Zealandian officials. The motion is the sole decision made in the First Intercalary Session of the Council in the Administrative Year of 2017.

The Council nearly unanimously ratified the motion, which was submitted by the Sôgmô after speaking with Diplomatic Affairs Minister Jacob Barnet. Four votes were cast in assent, Sandus’s version of an affirmative “aye” vote, while only one citizen abstained.

The Sôgmô reiterated that the State of Sandus had previously ratified the Charter, as Sandus had done previously in July 2016.