Policy Projection: 9-16 January 2017

We have announced that the Winter Solstice elections for 2016 will be shortened. (1/12)
We have celebrated the Festival of the Bona Dea. (3/12)
We have celebrated the Faunalia. (5/12)
We have celebrated the Halcyon Days, also known as the Brumalia. (10/12)
We have announced the decisions of the Twelfth Session of the Council in 2016. (14/12)
We have celebrated the Consualia. (15/12)
We have opened the 2016 Winter Solstice Elections. (15/12)
Nous avons partagé la communiqué festive de l’Organisation de la MicroFrancophonie pour le Noël. (16/12)
We have celebrated the Saturnalia. (17/12)
We have advised on icy conditions in Kremlum Sandus Province. (17/12)
We have celebrated the Opalia. (19/12)
We have closed the polls for the 2016 Winter Solstice Election. (20/12)
We have celebrated the Winter Solstice. (21/12)
We have released the Winter Solstice report. (21/12)
We have celebrated the Enfranchisement of the Party and the Majesties. (21/12)
We have address the nation on the occasion of Christmas and the Dies Natalis Solis Invicti. (24/12)
We have celebrated Christmas and the Dies Natalis Solis Invicti. (25/12)
We have updated the Winter Solstice Report with charity taxes. (28/12)
We have congratulated the Grand Duke of Westarctica on the occasion of his marriage. (28/12)
We have announced the decisions of the First Intercalary Session of 2016. (29/12)
We have shared the schedule of the Council for 2017. (31/12)
We have added two new Days of Recognition to the Sandum calendar, African Diaspora Day and the Day of Religious Tolerance. (31/12/2016)
We have celebrated the new Gregorian year. (1/1/2017)
We have released a survey on Sandum holidays. (4/1)
We have shared Buddhist dharma from Chögyam Trungpa. (5/1)
We have shared the Kumanoese premier’s New Year’s address. (6/1)
We have added Buddhist monthly holy days to the Sandum calendar. (7/1)
We have established a new sodality in the Collegium Sacerdotium, the Sandum Ecclesia (ἡ Ἐκκλησία Σανδῆς). (8/1)

In the upcoming week,
We shall prepare for the Sôgmô’s trip to Iceland.
We shall prepare an ecumenical and inter-faith religious service with Lord Richard Hytholoday of Mercia in Iceland.
We shall prepare our journal article for Micropatriological Notes.
We shall add information on cultural holidays to Sandum media.
We shall add the Buddhist holy days to the online Sancta Calendar.
We shall determine whether or not to apply for observer membership in the Grand Unified Micronational.
We shall publish the outcomes of the holiday survey and point to specific policy changes.
We shall begin work on the Sôgmô’s Constitution Project.

We shall lay forth work on these objectives from today, 9 January 2017, to 16 January 2017 and draft another projection for the following administrative week of 8 days on 17 January 2017.