Sôgmô adds two new Days of Recognition to Sandum calendar

The Sôgmô has announced the addition of two new days of recognition to the Sandum calendar: African Diaspora Recognition Day on 12 February and Religious Tolerance Day on 24 August.

African Diaspora Recognition Day is a holiday intended to reflect on the diaspora of African peoples around the world as a result of slavery, colonialism, and imperialism. The holiday especially reflects the cultural and historic role of African Americans in the territory of the State of Sandus, from the history of slaves in the territory of Kremlum Sandus to contemporary cultural patrimony. The day was chosen because of its proximity to the birthdays of Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass and to avoid any overlap with other Sandum holidays.

Religious Tolerance Day is a holiday intended to reflect on religious violence and strife or violence spurred by religious tensions. This inclusive holiday commemorates the destruction of important religious shrines, like the temple in Jerusalem in 70 CE, as well as wars fought for religious reasons, such as the Crusades or contemporary religious conflicts. The day of recognition falls on St. Bartholomew’s Day because of its relation to a massacre of French protestant Huguenots by French Catholics in 1572.