Solstice Report: Sôgmô’s reign legitimate, the Party unanimously ratifies Constitution

Each Winter Solstice, during the holiday season, the State of Sandus holds an election to determine whether or not the reign of the Sôgmô Gaius Soergel Publicola has remained legitimate. Often this is a time of much strenuitas as Sandus prepares the Winter and for the cyclic return of the Spring. Each year, Sandus gathers together to hold elections and national referenda on a variety of subjects. Of course each year the Sôgmô’s reign is asked to be legitimate or not, but some years there are other pressing matters which are included on the ballot. In 2014, a referendum approved the Sôgmô’s plan, approved by the Party, to complete the transition to a republic by adding the Council to the State of Sandus’s constitution. Today, the national election does a similar function.

In order to better preserve and to protect our republican constitution, voters in the State of Sandus have unanimously approved the Sôgmô’s continued reign. Members of the Citizens’ Party of Sandus moreover have unanimously ratified the Constitution of the Party presented to the Party by the Secretary Adam Camillus von Friedeck. Today, Sandum citizens have cause to celebrate—for today Sandus has exercised once more its republican power.

Best of Days

Charity Taxes — Trends continue despite slowdown from the Summer:
Each season, Sandus gives money to charity—but the past season is one pressed between family and charity. It is stressed both by work and the season, with its holidays and the Party Congress or the Winter Solstice elections. This season, however, trends have continued. Charity is down from the last season’s momentous, ground-breaking, and award-making charity of more than $2,000USD donated to charity.

This season was the second highest amount of charity ever donated, and some citizens are still expected to declare taxes. $677.30USD was donated to charity in one way or another this season, while Sandum citizens also took part in at least 74 hours of volunteer work. Some citizens also donated food to a food bank, in addition to other volunteer work for various other social causes. Sandum citizens took part in political rallies, cultural events, and other community-specific events that improved the welfare of Sandum citizens and of others, thus striving to fulfil the philanthropic mission of the State of Sandus.

Sôgmô’s reign found unanimously legitimate:
The citizens of the State of Sandus have voted unanimously in stating that the reign of the Sôgmô Gaius Soergel Publicola is legitimate. Five votes were cast in support of the þess reign, which was established by the laws of the State of Sandus on 13 April 2011. In September 2011, það voluntarily passed a law establishing the annual elections on the Winter Solstice to determine whether or not his reign would remain legitimate. In the law, if þess reign is illegitimate, then það must submit constitutional amendments which would prevent þess abuse of executive power to a new election in order to restore legitimacy to þess reign.

The Sôgmô’s reign has always been supported by the national referenda.

Citizens’ Party of Sandus unanimously ratifies Constitution:
The members of the Citizens’ Party of Sandus have unanimously ratified the constitution planned for at the last CPS Party Congress. The new constitution goes into effect immediately and further clarifies the work of the Party Secretary while also creating new organs in the Party.

Membership in the Party in the future will be granted by the Central Committee for citizens who “express a commitment to socialism, proletarian democracy, and individual liberties.” All current members retain their membership.
The Party Secretary presides over the Party and the meetings of the Central Committee, promotes the Party’s platform on other state organs of the State of Sandus, and liaises with the Sôgmô.
The Central Committee is the Party’s new executive organ, composed of the Party Secretary and two other members which they appoint. It is tasked with the “perpetual assessment of Sandum affairs, advocacy for proletarian interests in policy-making, and seeking the perspectives of Party members.”
The Party Congress retains its role in function as the annual deliberative assembly of Party membership.
The Party Platform is the Party’s detailed policy agenda, written by a committee of volunteers from the Party and possibly amended by the Party Congress.

2016 Winter Solstice Elections summary report:
Five ballots were cast in the election, two on the original bilingual ballot and three on an emergency English ballot made because the original ballot had failed. No ballots were spoilt; four ballots were in English, while one was in French. Five votes were cast in support of the Sôgmô’s legitimacy. Three Party members took part in the election, all of which voted for the CPS Constitution. No petitions were filed, and two voters responded that the voting ballot was easy to use.