Formal Nemkhav-Sandum Friendship Declared

In a historic move, today the State of Sandus has signed a formal declaration of friendship with the Nemkhav Federation following the passing of the L1 treaty by the Council of the State of Sandus yesterday. When approached for comment, Jacob Barnet Pharmacologus, Minister for Diplomatic Affairs had the following to say:

I think this a great step in showing where Sandum interests in diplomacy are now centred; nations with a certain level of Realism and professionalism, whose leaders have been able to be relied on to take sensible stances, be they with or against the grain of the community. I’m glad to say this is the first of such declarations in the coming months, and is a real pleasure to have formalised.

The Nemkhav Federation, and its President Marka Mejakhansk, have been in interaction with the State of Sandus for a long time, with both being founded in 2009. President Mejakhansk summed up the relationship as one with “a long-standing atmosphere of common respect”, something which all parties wished to recognise, sustain and improve through the signing of this Treaty.