Sandus Europāi Province founded

Coat of Arms of Sandus EuropaiThe Council has approved a motion by the Sôgmô Gaius Soergel Publicola to found the Province of Sandus Europāi. The province, whose name means “Sandus in Europe,” will be the province for Sandum citizens who currently reside on the European continent. At the moment, only one Sandum citizen, Jacob Barnet, lives in the province — though others may be residents of the province in the future. The province will be represented Jacob Barnet sine contentione, as he is the sole member of the province’s curia.

The move follows the Sôgmô’s Philia Plan for the Major Societal Shift, which was approved by the Council in August and which envisions increasing the power of provincial governments.

The province’s coat of arms retains key Sandum symbolism, such as the Sandum heraldic element in the dexter chief of the escutcheon which represents Sandus Proper, while also affirming key European symbols. The emblem of the province, Europa reclining on Zeus the Bull, is on the base of the shield, while the flag of the European Union and the Council of Europe is in the sinister chief.

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