Sôgmô immediately establishes Ministry, appoints Minister of Diplomatic Affairs

Immediately following the publication of the decisions of the Council’s eighth legislative session in the administrative year 2016, the Sôgmô has announced the promulgation of the Ministry of Diplomatic Affairs. In a televised address on Channum Unum, the Sôgmô lauded the work of the Council for a very productive legislative session, while also reporting what provisions of þess Philia Plan for the Major Societal Shift the Council had unanimously ratified.

“For many years now in Sandus’s constitutional theory, we have always considered (and this is since 2011 and 2012) the possibility that at sometime in the future Sandus might establish ministries, independent ministries, which might take over specific and key elements of government policy,” the Sôgmô explained. “Today, we do just that.”

While the text of the plan is incredibly ambitious and begins a final drive to prepare the administration of Sandus for the new gens system and the changes to the province system, the Ministry of Diplomatic Affairs has been immediately established by the Office of the Sôgmô, and has been incorporated into the state-structure of the Central People’s Government. Since a short while after noon SLT (UTC-5), the Sôgmô began conversations with citizens about whom to appoint as Minister of Diplomatic Affairs.

“He is one of Sandus’s newest citizens, but he has shown himself to be a long term friend and ally of the State of Sandus. He is someone who has been with Sandus for a very long time,” the Sôgmô said approvingly of the candidate. The Sôgmô explained that this candidate was a “well-tested and well-proven diplomat, who I believe will do exactly what we want in the State of Sandus — what we want from any diplomat: to defend our policies, to defend our interests, and to further our expectations and our hopes.”

“This man is, of course, Jacob Barnet, as he is known in Sandus … Jacob Barnet Σαρκαστικός Pharmacologus.”