Solstice Report: Administrative Work, Plan continue

Each summer, the State of Sandus opens both its gates to economic production and its ports to diplomatic interaction. This season is no different, but the past spring season has shown itself to be a lull in activity while still affirming and reaffirming Sandum cultural traditions. The work of the State of Sandus in the past season has dropped so that relatively little profound governmental work has been done, but it has been shown that the traditions of our country have nevertheless persisted. All administrative work has been completed in accordance with prescribed traditions and some profound changes have been made in the realm of the Council so that, for the first time in that democratic assembly’s history, there has been a transfer of power between two elected facilitators.

The statement that little profound work has been done might let red flags abound, but rather it shows that Sandus can remain being Sandum and still do the basic administrative and clerical work of government without altering the State in profound ways. Indeed the State of Sandus has entered a period of stagnation, but it is by no means inactive or at risk of collapse. In the past season, national holidays have been celebrated, diplomacy has been done, a new facilitator has been elected, the backlog of Sandum citizenship applications has been redressed, and the need for a new plan has been discussed. This work is perhaps most profound in post economically-focused Sandus, where emphasis now is on the culture, society, and politics of the Nation-State of Sandus.

“Whether in Summer or in Spring, let’s further our Republic

Charity Taxes — furthering recent trends:
In the past season, Sandum citizens have continued the trends established in the most recent seasons in furthering the philanthropic work of the State of Sandus. Work has been done to further philanthropic causes without necessarily donating money to charity, and this has been more thoroughly the case in the last week of the season with the attack in Orlando. More than $166.49USD have been donated to charity, but a large amount of philanthropic work has been done with helping others, tutoring others, and increasing loving-kindness.

Philia Plan for the Major Social Shift:
The Sôgmô has announced the beginnings of a five-point plan to increase the efficiency of administrative work of the Central People’s Government and to reduce the burden of work on the Office of the Sôgmô. The layout of the Philia Plan for the Major Societal Shift is as follows:

  1. Vision of the Plan: The plan envisions a future for the State of Sandus which encourages diversity on an intranational level that will facilitate the broader social and political aims of this plan.
  2. the Gens System: The plan envisions a new system of “gentes,” or families, to replace the monolithic system of provinces. The province system shall continue to exist as broad administrative regions loosely based on geography and location, but the gens system will add the role of familial and domestic lineages between relatives and familiars.
  3. Simplification of the Anthropological Polity: The plan hopes to change the model of Sandum society from one based on a state to one based on tribal society, while retaining the plupart of the current Sandum constitution.
  4. Decentralisation of Sagamorial Functions: The plan foresees the functions of the Sôgmô to be both reduced and decentralised to other functionaries in the Central People’s Government of Sandus.
  5. Adherence to the Constitution: The plan ardently stresses the continued adherence to the Sandum republican constitution.

A complete plan is expected no later than mid-July.