Commission for the Command Economy established

The Sôgmô has promulgated the Commission for the Command Economy following the passing of certain sections of the 2015 Plan for Economic Development in the Council’s Third Session. The Plan states that an independent commission, comprising the heads of state of socilivançae, will oversee production of products, quality of products, the sale of products, and the value affixed to resources such as tools and labour. The Sôgmô has sent an invitation to King Adam I of Überstadt and Prince Ryuho of Kumano for them to agree to sit on the Commission, which will primarily handle managerial functions.

King Adam I of Überstadt has affirmed his seat on the Commission, while the Sôgmô and Ryuho of Kumano will speak later this week on a series of concerns which include the Commission.

The Commission joins alongside other major systemic changes to economic cooperatives in the State of Sandus, including the addition of work-groups to Tellus and Erganê and the publication of manifests of products for economic cooperatives.