Sande Amici announces closure of its Headquarters

The Sôgmô in Second Life, as Gaius Tiberius Curio, the ‘Princeps Sande Amicorum,’ has announced the closure of ROMA Sande Amici’s properties in the new Gregorian year as a result of the devolution of powers caused by the recent ratification of the «Building Democracy & the Council» plan and by a recent reduction of personal funds. Sande Amici virtual properties in ROMA Subura and Colonia Nova, in the Confederation of Democratic Simulators, are to be sold and liquidated with the exception of an art museum owned jointly between the virtual micronation of the Barony of Europa Wulfenbach and the Sandum ROMA Sande Amici group.

ROMA Sande Amici is the State of Sandus’s virtual representation group in Second Life, tasked with raising awareness about the State of Sandus, supporting micronationalism, and developing Sandum culture in the virtual world. Founded in November 2013, ROMA Sande Amici has celebrated such events as Transgender Day of Remembrance, Athena’s Day, the festivals of Peace in January, the Days of Secession and Foundation, Remembrance Day, the 5th anniversary of the Creation of Sandus, and LGBT Pride Week. The group will continue to exist in Second Life, though on a reduced capacity to reflect its reduced activity in recent months. The group has called ROMA, an estate in Second Life, home since its foundation, leading it to be named in part after the estate.

The Princeps Sande Gaius Tiberius Curio posted the following statement to the ROMA Sande Amici group notices:

Salvete omnes qui amici Sanderum sunt:
Greetings to all who are friends of the Sandum People:

For more than a year now, the State of Sandus has sponsored ROMA Sande Amici in Second Life, an ambassadorial discussion group intended to raise awareness about Sandum culture, micronationalism, and our modest polity. And what year it has been — full of beautiful exhibits, kind support and interest from friends, and many wonderful and thought-provoking questions asked and answered.

The State of Sandus, however, is in transition. On 21 December, the results of the 2014 Winter Solstice election were announced and the Sandum People ratified the creation of a direct democratic assembly here in Sandus. Pursuant to these constitutional changes, the Sôgmô (the head of government and state of Sandus) announced the publication of the first Sandum budget in our five and half years of existence. In this budget, $758 USD was projected to be spent in the Gregorian year 2015: $220 USD of which would have gone to paying tier for Sande Amici’s space in ROMA Subura at plot 1b.

Normally Sande Amici would be spent out of the Sôgmô’s personal budget but, after changes to his personal income and the constitution of Sandus, ROMA Sande Amici will close its land in the new Gregorian year on 10 January 2015.

ROMA Sande Amici will continue to exist as a group and, in the future, events and holidays celebrated in Sandus will be continued to be celebrated here in Second Life at other venues according to future possible arrangements.

These past 13 months have been full of much excitement to share the history, culture, and people of the micronation of Sandus with you and these changes do not negatively reflect on any person, group, or estate in Second Life whom we continue to keep in high esteem. Instead, pursuant to Sandus’s founding principle in ‘Realism’ and pragmatism, it has become necessary to consider major changes to the running of the Sandum budget in the New Year.
In the Teachings of the Three Jewels and the Benedictions of all the Gods:
Gaius Tiberius Curio, Princeps Sande Amicerum