Sôgmô publishes First Sandum Budget

The Sôgmô has published the first Sandum budget in the history of the State of Sandus and since Sandus’s creation 2009. The Bureau of the Treasury projects an operating cost of approximately $708.00 USD in the Sandum budget, covering such policies as Sande Amici and a 2012 policy which donates transition essentials to transgender people. Essential costs cover the registration of the Sandus.org website, the 2012 Trans*ition policy, and other cultural expenses projected by the Collegio Sacerdae. Necessary but non-essential spending covers such items as Sande Amici, the operating costs of Tellus and Erganê cooperatives, and extemporaneous spending by the State of Sandus. Essential and necessary spending comes to $188.00USD and necessary but non-essential spending comes to $420.00 USD.

In the new Gregorian year, after the Council has met, the Sôgmô will work to develop seek foreign donations, crowdfunding, and donation taxes for the operating budget of the Central People’s Government. As per tradition, if there will be a pitfall in funding, the Sôgmô will cover the remainder of the necessary money pro bono — as he has done since the creation of the State of Sandus on 13 April 2011.

The details of the 2015 Budget can be found here in the books of the Bureau of the Treasury.