CIV100 Course to be ready by Independence Day

Ave, Sandum Citizens!

The Office of the Sôgmô has announced the CIV100 course will be ready for the first students of Kremlum Sandus State College by the Sandum Independence Day, or XXVI Maio (26 May), and possibly by the end of the next Sancta week. All lectures have been completed and a course hub has been prepared for students on a web interface provided by The CIV100 course – Civic Engagement for Civilae Citizens – is a course that caps the degree necessary for a peregro citizen to become a civilo or full citizen. It concludes with a project known as the Active Citizen project where the student specifies an area of their interest and works on developing it, thus preparing them for being an active citizen in Sandus. The course has been in the making since around Februario or Martio (February or March).

Kremlum Sandus State College recently released its schedule of courses on V Maio (5 May). The next course to be worked on will be CIV000 – Sandus in Practice – which will inform students about Sandus’s infrastructure.