State College announces List of Courses

Ave, Sandum Citizens!

Kremlum Sandus State College has released the list of courses to be created for the Civilo degree. The Civilo degree is a new effort of the Central People’s Government to encourage citizenship activity and an understanding of the basics of the Sandum Nation-State. The degree is awarded upon receiving 12 credits in courses and accomplishing the CIV100 Civic Engagement for Civilae Citizens course and its Active Citizen project. The list of courses can be found here.

  • CIV000 — Sandus in Practice:
    Sandus in Practice focuses on the infrastructure of Sandus, from the newspaper to how to be active in government and civic society as a citizen. One credit.
  • CIV010 — Sandus in the Micronational World:
    Sandus in the Micronational World takes a look at intermicronational communities and where Sandus falls into the micronational world in relation to them. One credit.
  • CIV020 — Languages in Sandus:
    Language in Sandus explains the official languages in Sandus and parlance in civic spheres. One credit.
  • CIV030 — the Arts & Sandus:
    The Arts & Sandus examines Sandum visual, musical, and virtual architecture. One credit.
  • CIV040 — Sandum Culture:
    Sandum Culture is a course explaining Sancta culture and its intersections with Sandum Philosophy, political thought, and multiculturalism and internationalism. Two credits.
  • CIV050 — History of Sandus:
    The History of Sandus informs about the history of the nation you are a citizen of and what it has accomplished throughout its years as a nation-state. Two credits.
  • CIV060 — Sandum Philosophy:
    Sandum Philosophy informs about the guiding philosophy of Sandus and its intersections with Sandum government and your life as a citizen. Three credits.
  • CIV070 — Central People’s Government:
    Central People’s Government explains organs of government, politics, and your power in Sandus. Three credits.
  • CIV080 — Public Leadership in Sandus:
    Public Leadership & Sandus informs about Sandum plans, policies, and projects and activism here. Two credits.
  • CIV090 — CCPS & Sandus:
    CCPS & Citizens is a course explaining Sandum socialist history and the role of the Party in Sandus. Three credits.
  • CIV100 — Civic Engagement for Civilae Citizens:
    Civic Engagement for Civilae Citizens is the capstone for the CIV program, with a project where you will learn first-hand to be active in Sandus. Four credits.

CIV100 will be released as a course first and, then, courses from CIV000 to CIV090 will be released afterwards. Graduate courses and areas of studies will be released in the future. The first courses will be had by the new citizen Akhil Indurti, who recently joined the State of Sandus. A new citizenship law will be drafted in the next few months, redefining the age of adulthood to either 16 or 17, allowing for socilivo citizenship on a personal basis, and making the degree a formal legal requirement – rather than just a policy of the State of Sandus.