Sôgmô & Sandum Delegation arrive in Chelsea

The Sôgmô and the rest of the Sandum delegation have arrived in Chelsea, London. They arrived at 06:48 BST or 1:48 SLT at London Heathrow Airport. Upon arriving, the Sôgmô took the London Underground from Terminal 3 to Earl’s Court, in which the Sôgmô was glad to see the sun shine through the clouds over London. The Sôgmô then explored the area surrounding the Sandum delegate’s station. The Sôgmô shall telephone M. Tierney of Renasia in the next few minutes in order to arrange a meeting today in Chelsea and shall telephone M. Puchowski of Landashir to arrange a meeting in the early morning of Friday.

Update: The Sôgmô phoned the Speaker of Renasia Jacob Tierney in the afternoon, London time. The Speaker arrived at the Sandum delegation’s flat about 20 minutes later and met the Sôgmô’s father. The two departed together from the area for the Victoria & Albert (V&A) museum and toured multiple exhibits there: from the sculptures, to the plaster copy of Trajan’s Column. Both then went past Kensington Gore and the Royal Albert Hall and arrived at the Albert Monument. The Sôgmô then invited the Speaker to visit the Peter Pan statue just west of the Serpentine, a statue the Sôgmô first visited as a young boy about ten years and five months ago in 2002. Both continued past to visit the Italian Gardens where refreshments were purchased. Upon purchasing the Evening Standard, both boarded the London Underground for a short trip to South Kensington station where both continued onwards to the Sandum flat. Upon arriving at the flat, after a long trip of the Sôgmô complaining about pain to his feet, he observed multiple blisters but was not dissuaded in continuing to dinner with Speaker Tierney or continuing his work as the premier Sandum delegate during the Central People’s Government of Sandus’ 9-day visit to the London region. Speaker Tierney then departed the Sandum flat at around 21:00, after being awarded his Most Honourable Order of the Throne of Sandus Commanders-class Star and discussing with the Sôgmô in concerns of the Summit and the various medals the Sôgmô has brought from Sandus proper (Kremlum Sandus) for the Summit.

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