Erganê Artisan Cooperative founded in Sandus

Erganê Artisan Cooperative has been founded by the Sôgmô on this Vulcanalia MMXIV (2014) by completing the new IN01 form digitalised today and published by the Office of the Sôgmô. The cooperative’s mission is to «provide basic clothing and accessory needs for Sandum citizens [and] represent the arts and crafts as an economic mode of production in Sandus.» The cooperative has been constructed in order to provide for basic needs for Sandum citizens, such as winter clothing, and will feature greatly in future segments of the «All-Citizens United» Plan.

The cooperative is named after Athena Erganê (Εργανη, “Worker”), who was seen by the ancient Greeks as patron of arts and crafts. Athena is recognised as a cultural symbol and patroness of Sandus, often embodying much of what Sandus aspires to be as the goddess represents the ideal polity. Athena Erganê is specifically worshipped with Hephaestos during the Khalkeia, the classical predecessor to Sandus’s Sancta holiday of «Athena’s Day» on XXIX Novembro (29 November).

Erganê Artisan Cooperative will begin production and classes early in the fall season, as Sandus prepares for the coming Winter. The Sôgmô will likely call upon friends from around Sandus’s territorial area to become peregrae citizens and join the cooperative. The first work-group of Erganê is expected to be work-group «Arachne», named after the mythological weaver who is changed into a spider for challenging Athena; work-group «Arachne» will primarily knit. Erganê is not intended to be a profitable venture for Sandus, but one of pragmatic importance in order to improve the material welfare of Sandum citizens with hand-knit products — and other hand-made products as more work-groups are added to Erganê.

With Erganê Artisan Cooperative’s establishment in Sandus, the Office of the Sôgmô is likely to form a «Bureau of Central Economic Affairs» which will oversee the dispensation of money to provide for the basic running costs of State economic cooperatives. Tellus Agrarian Cooperative will also likely be expanded soon to include a work-group entitled «Fornux», named after the Roman god of the oven; work-group «Fornux» will be dedicated to the production of food for Sandum citizens and quasi-commercial sale outside of Sandus.

Erganê Artisan Cooperative’s current officer is Gaius Sörgel Publicola.