Sôgmô enfeoffs Adam von Friedeck as Baron Patapsco

The Honourable Sôgmô Gaius Soergel Publicola has enfeoffed and created Adam Camillus von Friedeck, Baronet Eliot, King of Überstadt, as Baron of the Patapsco by letters patent. The barony is named for the Patapsco River that forms of the northern border of the State of Sandus’s historical homeland, Kremlum Sandus Province, on whose banks the Honourable Sôgmô and Lord Patapsco first met in Ellicott City in July 2014.

Baron Adam of Patapsco’s heraldic achievements as Baronet Eliot. He may choose now to add a wreath and a motto.

The second baron in Sandum nobility, Lord Patapsco will be the first baron to have letters patents whose conditions explicitly state that his new barony will become an autonomous fief within the realm of the Sandum system of nobility. Baron Adam could begin to issue new symbols for his barony, such as a motto and anthem that are allowed for by the Sôgmô’s original 2017 nobility decree. But the provisions of the decree have been interpreted rather broadly, allowing the fief to develop an autonomous character within the larger State of Sandus. The fief’s autonomy largely depends on the new baron’s own personal initiative.

Lord Patapsco must now make the noble oath of fealty set up by the Sôgmô’s 2021 decree on nobility and honours before exercising the rights and privileges of his noble grant.