Under Renovation, New Websites Planned

After the conclusion of the Year of Realism, the Sôgmô has decided to revamp the Sandum web portal, While the current website is exhaustive and encompasses the many facets of life in the State of Sandus, the website renovations will aim to simplify information, cut outdated information, and add more media to the website. More emphasis will be put on culture and society, as well as interesting key concepts in Sandus, while more in-depth information about the State of Sandus will move away from

At the same time, certain state organs will receive their own websites or will have preëxisting websites be expanded. For example, much like how took over the website for Veritum Sandus, the Sandum national journal, the Collegium Sacerdotum will takeover the website of its own journal, Sacerdotium. (Those renovations have already started and are mostly complete.) The Citizens’ Party of Sandus, too, will take over its own journal, Voice of Sandus, too. Other state organs will also get their own websites, including worker’s coöperatives (under the jurisdiction of the Social System), state enterprises, and especially the other main branches of our republican constitution—the Sôgmô and the Council. The Sôgmô will also work with our Social System partners to begin work on a Social System website that will include the Common Economy and necessary information for interested applicant states. will also have a more robust document collection that will every citizen will be given access to. Currently, most Sandum documents are housed on the Sôgmô’s personal computer, but in the future the Central People’s Government will make available to the general public more documents through a shared Google Drive folder. Citizens will be given some permissions to this folder. As Sandus’s online presence is the most important infrastructure for our citizens, more effort will be made to include citizens in data that is important for the running of the State of Sandus.

These renovations to and to the wider Sandum online infrastructure will begin immediately and will last throughout the summer. These renovations are the first time in half a decade since the web portal has been last thoroughly updated.