Sandus reaches population milestone

For the first time in Sandum history, Sandus now counts a population of 20 citizens. The uptick in the country’s population comes in the past two months when Sandus added four new citizens to its rolls after several successful citizenship votes in the Council.

Despite its activity and vigour as a micronation, Sandus has long had a smaller population compared to most. Sandum law requires citizens to affirm more than a handful philosophical affirmations, and rejecting any one of them automatically leads to a discredited application. Next, applicants are required either to have their good faith and character attested to, or to submit a statement of interest and purpose of no less than 1,000 words with their application. Finally, all applications are screened by the Sôgmô and other high-ranking Sandum officials before applicants are voted on by the Council of the State of Sandus, our direct democratic assembly.

The standards are so high, in fact, that out of more than 220 applications only a dozen have led to citizenship. (The few others arrived at citizenship before an application process was the law.)

The striking uptick in citizens comes after yesteryear’s long effort to see Sandus continue if the Sôgmô should meet with an unfortunate demise with the election and investiture of the new Sandum heir, the Homard Dr. Jan DeWitt. Recently, the Central People’s Government has been working with its partners in the Kingdom of Überstadt to handle new a handful of new applicants for the Social System. Work continues on the Common Economy and the Tellus coöperative was recently reformed, all work that reflects the momentous rise in activity in the last few years.