[SC] This Remembrance Day, Stay Home & Remember

Remembrance Day is 9 May, and this year marks the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory over Fascism. But how will you celebrate the momentous anniversary of the victory without friends and family around, without the annual Red Square parade that has been postponed?

You can still make the day special at home with those around you, while still social distancing. You can take a walk outside on the day—taking along with you the Victory Banner or images of veterans or victims of the Great War. You can still have a festive dinner at your home, decorating it with what you have. (with black and orange ribbons or red balloons?) You can also watch documentaries or movies about the period and heroism of that war.

Here is what the Party Secretary and the Sôgmô will be watching:

  • 2 May: Dunkirk
  • 3 May: Casablanca
  • 4 May: Band of Brothers
  • 5 May: Saving Private Ryan
  • 6 May: Battle of Sevastopol
  • 7 May: Memphis Belle
  • 8 May: Schindler’s List

This year, we cannot unfortunately be together. But that does not mean that we cannot celebrate together! On Remembrance Day, let us gather together, all of us together but virtually, and retell stories of those we remember—from this war and all wars, chilling or comforting in their humanity.

Queen Elizabeth II, a veteran of that war, recently compared the heroism and tragedy that we are seeing around us with the heroism and tragedy of World War II. As hard as these times are, we shall overcome them. We shall meet again.

Until then, take care of yourselves, comrades. Stay healthy and conscious of those around you—who may need help, are suffering, or are vulnerable.

Happy 75th Anniversary of the Great Victory over Fascism, comrades!

C. Soergel P.