Sôgmô, Heir Plan a Thanksgiving for after the emergency

The Sôgmô and the Heir are planning to hold a supplicatio, or a thanksgiving, after the COVID-19 emergency has come to an end. The thanksgiving will be given for having survived the pandemic, the first of its kind in over a century, and will take the form of a “brinner”—a dinner with foods typical of a breakfast. The theme of the meal is inspired by a “full British breakfast,” though this is only an interpretation.

The menu for the event is inspired by a full English breakfast, and other British full breakfast traditions.

The thanksgiving is expected to take place on 25 May, the day before Sandum Independence Day, though it may be postponed depending on emergency conditions. Though the theme was chosen because of its interest to both royals, the theme fits May’s important anniversary—the 75th anniversary of the Victory over Fascism. The theme is very much in keeping in line with the timely dictum, save that it will have been that we have “kept calm and carried on.”

“Think of it as an homage, not a replica,” the Sôgmô explained. “It is timely for the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory, when we can celebrate the resolve of peoples who fought against Fascism and Nazism—and, in Sandus, we feel compelled to continue that struggle in whatever small way we can.”

Both leaders will invite Sandum citizens and Sandus-adjacent people from around Quercus Candida to take part, if it is safe to do so. Otherwise, both will encourage other Sandum citizens to celebrate as they see fit.

Plus, there will be mimosas to keep with the brinner theme.