1-8 March will be Sandus-Überstadt Friendship Week

The week from 1 to 8 March will be Sandum-Überstadt Friendship Week this year as the kingdom marks its tenth anniversary. Since 2013 and earlier, Sandus and Überstadt have been close friends and allies in the micronational community. This friendship became unbreakable when in July 2014 King Adam I visited the State of Sandus for the first time and Überstadt became a socilivanço, the predecessor of a partner in today’s Social System. After six years, that bond remains strong.

Both the Sôgmô and the Überstadti King sign their social treaties.

During that week, the Sôgmô will travel to the Pacific Northwest to celebrate the country’s decennary. Það will see the area as well as, upon the invitation of His Majesty the King, visit the country.