Heir-elect becomes Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

Photo de State of Sandus.

Heir-elect Jan DeWitt defended his dissertation yesterday to a committee of professors in the departments of History and Classical Studies at the University of Michigan. The Well Honoured Heir-elect, successfully defended his dissertation on quaestores, aediles, and imperium and potestas in the Middle Roman Republic and will now enter the stage of revising his thesis for publication as a book.

He will become the future Homard, Baron of the Maumee, and Heir of the State of Sandus on 15 February at his investiture which is planned as a day-long event including a formal ceremony, a private teaching, and an evening dinner party.

As a doctor philosophiae (Ph.D.), the Well Honoured Heir-elect will be promoted in the Honourable Order of Athena Pronœa to the rank of Commander First Class, becoming the second person to achieve the highest rank of Sandus’s academic order.

Ribbon of Commanders First Class, depicting the distinctive tied papyrus roll hieroglyph